Gilded Bones (September 2023)

Enter the atrocity:
See how it walks,
How it clicks with clockwork precision,
Its chassis supporting gleaming bones,
Flesh cast in metal to avoid your fate.

Your gilded bones
Lie haunted in their cage
To whom do you answer?

The one above abandons you-
The one below rejects your nature
Your maker is long since dust
Why do your feet yet clink along the road?

Remnant of the past
Crystal heart burning in your chest
Fractured soul kept forever locked
Do you remember who you were?

Let the soul speaks to me through hollow tones
Answer me in plain words-
Trick me not with your shining marrow
And rutilated eyes

Pick up the once living mandible
Don’t ask the question for it knows the answer
Examine the incorrupt teeth
And hear it speak:
“It’s not real.”